How do I set my limits?

Setting and personalising your limits is really easy and can be done in your account under Responsible gaming.

Every account starts out with a €200 euro limit. To increase your weekly limit, a request has to be made to the BGC. They will allow or decline this request. A decision is made 5 minutes after request. This new limit will be put in action 3 days after the request.
Increasing your limit will always require a 3 day wait.

Lowering your limit is instantaneous.

What are the minimum and maximum limits?

You determine your limits:

  • Deposit limit. Per week: between €5 and €99,999.

Pursuant to the provisions of the R.D. of 25 October 2018, after registration, a user has a standard weekly deposit limit of €200.00. This means that the maximum total amount that the you can deposit each week into your account is set at €200.00 by default. This is a moving "weekly window", meaning that the week is calculated on the basis of the last 7 days and moves continuously.

When does the weekly limit reset?

The weekly limit works like a rolling limit. This means your last 7 days are taken into consideration to determine how much you can deposit.
Keep this in mind when adding money to your account.