Sports betting

How can I place a sports bet?

Placing a sports bet is simple! All you need to do is add the bet or bets of your choice to your bet slip. There are several types of bet slips:

  • single bet slip only has one bet. If the bet you made is correct, the bet slip is correct as well. The winnings of a single bet slip are calculated by multiplying the stake by the odds linked to the chosen bet.

  • combi bet slip has at least 2 bets. These bets all need to be correct to have a winning bet slip. If a single bet is incorrect, the entire bet slip is lost. Combi bets allow the stake, and therefore your potential winnings, to be multiplied.

I placed a bet, but the match was interrupted or cancelled. Will I be refunded?

If an event or a tournament is cancelled or suspended, the bet is cancelled, and your stake is therefore automatically refunded to you.

I placed a sports bet but the match was rescheduled. Is my bet still valid?

If a sports event is rescheduled, bets are kept for a certain period and are still valid.